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ch0.me was conceived because of the character limitation on Twitter. The primary URL shortening services out there, tinyurl.com and snipurl.com both have a domain/suffix that is a total of 11 characters. ch0.me has a total of 6 characters, thus saving you precious tweet space.

I enjoy and prefer to use opensource web templates when building my sites. This saves me time since all I have to do is hack the current code to my liking. ch0.me was built on a templete designed by Michiel Hennink. Its bright colors and simple yet modern design is a perfect fit for this site.

You will find ch0.me is free of commerical ads, since this is not about making money, but about providing a service to make Tweeting more fun. So hopefully if you found your way here you will enjoy using the site and tweet it to your friends.

Disclaimer: I can and may delete submitted urls at anytime.